Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dinner at homest chinese muslim restaurant.

Dah lama nak cuba at this place, malam ni baru ada peluang... Service was very good, cepat jer dapat makanan, or maybe we ordered simple dish, thats whyla kot... Sambal prawn, fishball soup, mixed vege and lemon chicken (nt very sure nama dish ni). All in small portion just enought for us. The best to me was only the sambal prawn, yg lain2 tu biasa2 aje..
pictures will upload later ok.
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Yatie Y said...

cik sallmah, the word 'later' tu i;m a bit scared. because the 'later' possible to be up to the next year.:P

It same goes to the ice cream cake recipe..until now i didn't get it..
:(;s almost August oredy darling.. cepat lerrr....

Nek Rock said...

Yelooooooo yooo yooo cik Sall yang manis:))

Nek singgah ronggeng kat sini jap, muahh

Sall said...

muahahahahhaa.. Y.............. sila la jgn marah, mak busy uols.. mcm tak biase.. :D, mak akan cuba usahakan ek.. ;)

Nek - muahhhhhhh... thank u nek.. wah, gambar nek kan main cung lagi tuh.. ;P