Wednesday, June 8, 2011

miss you... :(

I try not to think about you,
but I miss you today
so many memories
so many communications
Who said even a grain of sand
I treasured it even sunrise and sunset
I could not even see your photo
I will miss you more
how could I erase you from my memories
I try not to think about your voice
I will miss talking to you
I try not to think about your smile
I will miss seeing you
I try not to think about our communications,
I miss your thoughtfulness
I miss our perfect partnership
I can only assume that at this moment you miss me too,
although somewhere else,
but I know you are at better place.
Al-Fatihah and may you rest in peace.

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Men TheGreatEmperor said...

x baper nk faham la bahase omputih ni ... iskkk ....

Men TheGreatEmperor said...
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Sall said...

elehhh.. ;P

Men TheGreatEmperor said...

betulll ... x eti laaa